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The legend of the Koi fish

The legend of the Koi fish


Tattoos are a great way of sending out a message, whether it is to yourself or to others. Many people choose to have a tattoo done after passing through an emotional experience. While some opt for written messages or relevant quotes, others find that symbols are much more appropriate. Chinese tattoos are among the most popular forms of art in this regard. Tattoo artists do recognize the fact that clients often request Chinese symbols, as in most cases, a legend is behind each one of them. If you like tattoos, then you have most certainly heard about the very famous Koi fish design. According to tattoo artists, the Koi fish is a highly demanded design. Some clients choose to have the Koi fish tattoo in black and white, even though the common opinion is that it looks amazing in colors.


As mentioned in the beginning, all Chinese tattoos hold a meaning and in most cases it is a rather powerful one. The Koi fish makes no exception to this rule. The legend behind this symbol is very connected with the idea of success. In the Chinese culture, the symbolism of this design refers to luck. The legend says that if a person own seven golden Koi fish, then the household will be filled with luck and prosperity. Thus, when a person desires to have this design drawn on either their back, arm or leg, it is said that luck will be brought to his life.


black-koi-fish-tattooWhat sets this particular tattoo apart from other Chinese designs is that it has several other meanings as well. Another legend speaks of the birth of the dragon Gate. It seems that the Koi fish swam in a whirling cascade and when it reached the bottom it turned into a strong, fearless dragon. When drawing the Koi fish, tattoo artists will often ask their clients how to place the Koi fish. There are two interpretations of this design. If the Koi fish is drawn with its head facing upwards, it means that all challenges have passed and the road, although difficult, it was in the end successful. On the other hand, if the Koi fish is facing the ground, then challenges will soon appear. In this case, the meaning of the tattoo is courage.


This design is not very simple to draw. The Koi fish tattoo is full of details, full of colors and it is often of a large size. This is why, when looking on pictures, you will discover that the Koi fish is placed on the back of the client. Even though it is rather popular, the Koi fish should not be taken for granted. This tattoo holds many meanings and most of them are strong and powerful. It is very important to choose a tattoo that means something for you, that will remind you time and time again of a challenge you have successfully surpassed or an experience that has left deep marks on your spirit! Choose your tattoo design wisely, as you will wear it for the rest of your life!