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The magical allure behind fairy designs

The magical allure behind fairy designs

We are here again to bring you more exciting fairy designs you have to consider when thinking about a new or first tattoo. While no one truly determines if a tattoo is meant for men or for women, fairy tattoos have become extremely popular amongst ladies and are one of the most delicate designs a woman can choose. They are soft, sophisticated, colorful and simply gorgeous, adding a sense of magic and mystery to anyone having them. With a large number and wide variety of models that can be used, fairy tattoos have never been as popular as today. But what really makes the difference is a flawless execution from behalf of the tattoo artist and a great choice for the position, as this is strictly linked to the visibility and preservation in time of the art work.

Currently, there is a staggering number of fairy designs all throughout the world, portrait in different and lively colors, some as small as a coin, while others taking up an entire arm or back. With no actual photos or images of real life fairy, obviously because these mystical creatures do not exist, we can envision our designs and create whatever we want in term of these tattoos as there are endless possibilities. Among the many styles, there are some very original and really fantastic creations, but the classical flying fairy is still the most requested idea tattoo artists’ encounter. Some of the most amazing ideas for fairies surround the small and extremely small versions of this design and their intricate placing on the body.

Owing to the fact that this particular tattoo idea gives such a strong hint leading to miraculous being appearing all around, ink artists have started to place fairies in less used portions of the skin, such as the ear pavilion and neck region underneath the ear, inner sides of fingers, toes and even on the face because this design is sweet enough not to appear threatening, even on highly visible areas.

In order to start talking about the deep meaning of fairy tattoos, let’s take a look to the past, when magical beings and supernatural creatures were found in most cultures and traditions. Whether we are located in Europe or the American continents, a fairy symbolizes supreme femininity and the eternal female youth, while a tattoo of two fairies represents never-ending friendship and an ultimately blissful existence.

There is simply no better way to express your femininity and show your gentile nature than by putting a beautifully designed and perfectly executed fairy tattoo on a shoulder, arm or even back. Not to mention that a new trend has been gaining followers all around the world recently and that is placing small sized tattoos on lower areas of the body, such as ankles and toes, regions that do not capture the attention of others right away, while also being very visible. Regardless of how you feel about them, fairy tattoos have been and will always be pretty and interestingly looking on any person wearing them!