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The meanings behind a cross with wings tattoo

The meanings behind a cross with wings tattoo

A cross with wings tattoo represents something different depending on the wearer, but generally it is a statement of religious freedom. Cross tattoos are really popular amongst people of all ages and usually are the first time choice of many tattoo lovers. Generally, people make the decision to imprint a winged cross on a part of their body after suffering from a loss or escaping near-death situations, but most of them wish to share their belief with others regarding the subject of religion and freedom.

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Cross with wings tattoo – a symbol of Christianity

Unlike other tattoo patterns, this design usually holds a deep meaning and it is not used just for its beautiful aspect. The choice of getting yourself a tattoo as a Christian believer is really hard to take, especially since this act is not viewed very well by other Christians. Thus, the tattoo cross in itself represents a rebellion and many choose to further defy those against this type of body art by adding a model of wings to their cross. A cross with wings tattoo is the choice of people with very strong personalities that fight for their beliefs and have the power to stand against those who contradict them. One must have great confidence in themselves to expose a winged cross on their arm for instance in public, where the stares of those thinking this as a sin would be customary.


Paying homage to a departed loved one

A cross with wings tattoo can also stand for a departed loved one. The cross represents the trust in God and in the fact that there is life after death and the wings symbolize the belief he or she went to a better place. People usually feel the need to share really strong emotions or beliefs and, in their minds, inking those statements eternally into one’s skin is the best method of doing so. This way the message sticks with you wherever you go and reminds you again and again in what you believe. But those tattoos reminding of a deep loss have an even greater emotional impact.  It represents the promise people made that they would never forget that person and assures them that a part of that dear one will always follow them wherever they may go.

cross with wings tattoo

A new beginning after a dramatic experience

Countless times it happens that people gain a strong religious feeling after going through near-death experiences. Fighting off a terrible disease or narrowly escaping from a dangerous accident determines people to turn a new leaf into their lives and start living piously. Asking a tattoo artist to create a cross with wings tattoo design to symbolize their new beginning also stands as a reminder of how close to death one can get in any moment of life. A winged cross leaves a deep impact both on the wearer and people who get to admire it, because regardless of the talent with which it was created, the story behind it is even more important. This doesn’t mean that cross with wings tattoos are not usually beautiful, on the contrary, the designs tend to be impressive. Considering the popularity such tattoos have, many artists have their hands formed for creating cross tattoos and have the ability to play with the designs and create something unique.

Cross with wings tattoo design

Inspiration for a cross with wings tattoo

After you’ve decided that a cross with wings tattoo is right for you because of its symbolism, you should start looking at some examples to make sure the form will look amazing too. In general, you have two options:

  • A large, intricate tattoo with plenty of elements, stretching across a larger surface of your body. You can include text, as well as various images and symbols, so that the final result resembles an artwork. This option is recommended if you’re used to getting tattoos and if you want to make a statement.
  • A dainty, minimal tattoo. Get a small tattoo if you’re looking for something discreet that not everyone can see. Because of the size, you’ll have to keep things very simple, otherwise the tattoo will look like an indiscernible mess.

Also, look up images of different styles of crosses and wings. For example, you can choose a Catholic, gothic or Celtic cross. As for the wings, they can be detailed so you can see the feathery structure, or minimal, following a geometric style.