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The meanings behind koi fish tattoos

The meanings behind koi fish tattoos

Koi fish tattoos are some of the most popular choices of those who want to get a beautiful and yet meaningful tattoo. With intricate details and lovely colors, this is the tattoo to choose when you are looking for something larger to put on your arm or your back. In Japanese culture the koi fish has a deep symbolism, which revolves around transformation, ambition and power. A koi fish tattoo is said to bring luck to those who choose to wear it on their skin. Japanese culture speaks about a koi fish who tried to climb the waterfall at Yellow River and after passing through the Dragon Gate it was transformed into a mighty dragon. This legend is interpreted in many cultures and has had a great influence in the popularity of this tattoo.

Anyone looking for an arm tattoo can choose the koi fish, not only because of its symbolism, but also because of its beauty. If you are a fan of colors and want a larger piece, there is nothing better than this to achieve the perfect tattoo. Koi fish tattoos have vivid colors and stand out beautifully on one’s arm. Many of those who decide on a koi fish tattoo do it to symbolize a personal battle they have won or want to win. The immense ambition of the koi fish, fighting the strong current of the river in order to be transformed into a dragon, is a valuable lesson anyone could learn from. It might seem too much to get a tattoo just because you have gotten out of a bad relationship but, if it will help you heal and move on, it might just be the thing you needed.

Furthermore, many people who survive serious diseases or accidents choose this tattoo to remind them of their won battles and motivate them to keep fighting in the future. Of course, this arm tattoo can be done with various colors, each one symbolizing something else. The black koi is for those who have surpassed an important challenge in their lives and made it on the other side successfully. The blue koi is a more masculine choice and a symbol of male fertility while the red koi is a symbol of energy and love. Regardless of your reason, when choosing a koi fish tattoo you can be sure you are getting a beautiful piece of art that will delight you forever. You can always consult your artist on various koi fish tattoo designs, as there can be a wide variety of styles to choose from.

All in all, koi fish tattoos will always be a popular choice among those who are looking to get a large arm tattoo and not only. Their beauty, intricate patterns as well as amazing story make these tattoos a wonderful choice. Whether you are looking to get a tattoo for the first time, or you are experience with body art and want to take things to a new lever, the koi fish will always be a great choice as an arm tattoo.