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The most inspiring feminine cross tattoos images

The most inspiring feminine cross tattoos images

The cross, as an universal symbol, has a profoundly cultural and spiritual connotation that has lead people to associate it to their appearance. After jewelry and accessories, cross tattoo images are perhaps the most popular design people choose to display as an external projection of their beliefs and religious affiliation. In the present liberal context when tattoos are no longer the trademark of a controversial side of society, but an esthetic form of expression, more and more people choose back cross tattoos to visually represent their personality. Moreover, examples of cross tattoo images are widely available both online and in tattoo shops, so that anyone can wear a creative and fashionable reminder of their life experiences.

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Given the fact that a tattoo is a mark that you wear for life, the design choice should be a meticulous and carefully planned process. Once made, a tattoo is expensive, difficult and painful to remove, so it is important that you check all the implications of the symbol you would like to wear. Back cross tattoos, although popular, are often misinterpreted, because most people still associate it only with Christianity. In fact, the cross is older than this religion and some fascinating cross tattoos images include the Celtic and Egyptian version of the cross, as well as the tribal one, which is preferred among both men and women. Whichever design you prefer, the alternatives are plenty and you are bound to find the perfect image or even create a brand new new image using already existent elements.

From the range of back cross tattoos, the Celtic cross is often a popular choice, but, contrary to the common belief, it stands as a symbol for fertility. Originating from medieval Europe, it later began expanding from the Scandinavian Peninsula to the rest of Europe, being used in religious contexts, be it manuscripts or churches. For people today, cross tattoos images are symbolic of faith as well as fertility, although tattoo designs are susceptible to various subjective interpretations because of the additional Celtic graphic elements included in the ensemble. Although pagan, many Christians choose to wear it because of the resemblance of the harmony between their religious views and the all-encompassing symbols contained within this particular artwork.

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Another one of the feminine and symbolic back cross tattoos is the Egyptian cross, also known as ankh, dating from ancient times. The loop around the top gives it a mystical and feminine air and most women often choose it because it is a symbol for life and it is representative of the complex Egyptian culture. This, as well as the other cross tattoo images, looks stunningly gracious irrespective of the body area they are placed on and will always draw attention to the one wearing the tattoo. Women are encouraged by tattoo artists to personalize the seize and colors of their design, so that in the end they can be fully satisfied and comfortable with the resulting image. No matter the interpretation, these tattoo designs will occupy a top spot in the women’s preferences, just how the cross itself is an enduring symbol.