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The mystic side of butterfly tattoos

The mystic side of butterfly tattoos

The butterfly tattoo pictures are greatly sought after in search engines and the main reason is that they are very popular among women wanting to get inked. In terms of art and culture, butterflies have a different symbolism around the world that goes from capricious and unfaithful beings to metamorphosis and good change. But in what tattooing is concerned, the butterfly motifs have long been enclosed in the favourites. In time, the butterfly tattoo on the back for instance became a trend of its own with many followers, from teen girls to adult women. The back butterfly tattoos are almost always associated with women, due to their delicacy and gentleness, but also because of their ever-changing nature. Therefore, women that experienced drastic changes in their lives often went for this kind of tattoo as a form to express themselves.

Including insects in your thoughts about tattoos may not be the first of your instincts, but it is suffice to browse through some butterfly tattoos pictures and you will surely find something you will like. The designs can be simple or complex and the colouring sure helps to emphasize the intent of the tattoo. The placement of the tattoo is another major aspect that can influence the end result and the overall effect. The back butterfly tattoos seem to rank very high among women’s preferences. The choice of placement greatly depends on your intent and on the design itself. You may want to grant it high visibility or have situations in which you might want to cover it up. Also, large wings or mystical elements around it may require more space, so an ankle tattoo is out of the question here. A butterfly tattoo on the back gives you all the space you need for a complex design and it can be easily covered if circumstances ask for it.

However, regardless of the body part you choose to have inked, the one thing you need to always take into account is sending a message through your art. And with a back butterfly tattoo you have great leverage and a lot of meanings to work with. If you go around the globe, from Japan to Mexico, you will find extraordinary connotations alongside the butterfly tattoos pictures. In the far East, the butterfly represents young womanhood and two butterflies – marriage. The Aztecs saw the soul of the warriors in the shape of the butterfly, while most of the rest of the world associates it with change and transformation. The high point of having a butterfly tattoo on the back is that you can mix and match symbols, add your own, personal meanings and elements, give it an unique touch through different shaping and colouring.

All in all, butterflies tattoos are an excellent choice for women, standing for the shifty nature of beauty itself and the evanescence of all that is earthly. If you decide upon such a tattoo make sure to do it justice by choosing the right tattoo artist, who is able to understand your vision and message.