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The return of the tribal arm tattoos

The return of the tribal arm tattoos

A tribal tattoo on arm says a lot about the person wearing it. The design is most commonly chosen by men and, though they don’t have a specific meaning or a traditional significance, they tend to represent the person through their complexity or particularities of the design. And there is of course the one important aspect of a tribal tattoo for arm, which is the “bad boy” look that it offers and which seems to be the major reason men go for it. As opposed to other kinds of tattoos justifications, such as tribute or respect for a loved one, the main idea surrounding the tribal arm tattoo appears to be killer looks.

Although the tribal tattoo for arm has known a sort of comeback in the past few years, the art itself goes as back as ancient times, especially when it comes to these designs. Some historians claim that ancient tribe members, seeing that they don’t have so much body hair as animals did, took blackened hot sticks and decorated their skin, in an attempt to camouflage and protect themselves from the beasts. And so took birth the practice of tattooing and the tribal design within it. Just like the cave paintings precede the more modern form of art, the archeological discoveries have brought to light the mummified remains of a Bronze Age – that is five thousand years ago – man covered in tattoos. Due to the fact that he was found frozen, the researchers were able to thoroughly examine his remains and they were amazed to discover very elaborated, complex designs of mythical creatures on a large part of his body, both legs, arm and torso. Of course back then, a tribal arm tattoo was not inked for the concern of killer looks, but rather for the fact that one needed to show he belonged to a certain tribe. As it happens in present days as well, the tribal tattoo on arm was not gender bias and it was inked on both men and women, linking them to their origins.

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This revived interest and enhanced research that the western culture has conducted on tribal men and practices has also led to the revival of the tribal arm tattoo. In a search for returning to the basics or attributing a raw, far from civilization expression to their bodies, many people have again started to favor the tribal tattoo for arm. Not to mention the element of mystery that it adds to their appearance and the self confidence that it can inflict to one’s spirit. But the western civilization is not the only one with a keen interest in tribal arm tattoos. The new generations of native tribes have also turned their faces to it after the traditional practice was abolished for more than two hundred years.

Regardless of the reason you are considering a tribal tattoo for arm, they give free rein to imagination and creativeness and you can outline elaborate and sophisticated designs that ultimately look great on the arms.