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The right way to wear a sash

The right way to wear a sash

Emphasizing the waist is the ideal way to show off that perfect figure. This is the reason for which belts are such popular accessories. While belts are essential for drawing attention to the slim waist, they don’t really let you breathe or allow you to move freely. Consequently, many women prefer to adorn their outfits with vibrant sashes. These multi-coloured ribbons are perfect for both daily outfits and for formal events. Either way, you are sure to create an impression. While they have become an irreplaceable accessory, not every woman knows how to wear them. Do you?

Fancy silk belt

The sash has been present in the collections of Yves Saint Laurent and Dior and has been proven to be an incredible versatile accessory. Thus said, there are many combinations that you can try by taking the example of great designers. For instance, Dior chose to add pink ribbons to both strapless and backless dresses. The real innovation was represented by Ilincic’s fabulous jumpsuit that resembles a crop top with a waist sash. On the other hand, Oscar de la Renta’s creations feature white bustier tops adorned with ribbon bands, but not only. They were very well inserted around the waist of strapless dresses and at the waist of black and white pants. You too can get inspired from these looks.

The tartan sash

There are still many people that respect the tradition of wearing the tartan, but many have doubts regarding the proper way to wear them. Generally speaking, it should be placed over the right shoulder and come across the breast. In order to secure it you need a pin or a brooch. Another alternative is to wear it in the form of a pleated rosette with the pieces of sash going down the back. Finally, it can very well be fastened at the back of the waist either with a belt or brooch.

Embroidered bridal sashes

More and more brides choose to embellish their attire with magnificently coloured ribbon bands. The advantage is that ribbon bands go with any body type and this is why this trend has become prevalent. It is important to remember to find one based on your body type. Belts particularly benefit women who do not have curves because they create the illusion of a waistline. In this case the piece of material should be about three inches wider and make sure to opt for a dark colour. Additionally, look for pieces with centre embellishments that focus the attention on the waist. On the other hand, curvy women who want to show off that hour glass silhouette should go for less adorned ribbon bands and stay away from small ones that only cut the body in half.