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The secret significance behind Chinese tattoos

The secret significance behind Chinese tattoos

As we have seen more than once on this website, the Chinese tattoos are the patterns that have the most symbolic and significant meaning. That is why, when it comes to Chinese tattoos with a deep and profound connotation, it is essential for people to find out exactly what they represent before making that tattoo. We know it might sound a little silly, but believe it or not, many people ask “What does my tattoo mean?” once they have already done it. And we can assure you that many times the answer is a disappointing one. Unless the meaning is not really of importance to you, it is best to consult someone specialized in the field who knows about the alphabet, language and Chinese culture before choosing a particular Chinese design. Oftentimes, an image captivates us and we think how great it would look as a tattoo, but this can prove to be a big mistake later on.

There are cases where the issue of meaning is not as problematic as we would expect, such as in the situation of someone wanting a classical Chinese dragon. These traditional dragons are symbols and, while having a heavy mythological significance and aesthetically appearance, it may be that a dragon is a sufficiently amazing looking image for the tattoo wearer. But what happens when you like a certain Chinese sign or a drawing which may or may not have a much deeper significance for the locals? And in this growing globalization, there are more and more people that have become extremely passionate about the Eastern cultures, so much so that Asian lettering and symbols are no longer unfamiliar for the large mass of the population.

This is precisely why it is an absolute must for any tattoo fan to make a thorough search beforehand and truly understand what he or she is putting on their skin. No matter if this is the first time you try ink or the Chinese pattern is just one part of your vast collection of tattoos, there is simply no excuse for you to ignore the secret meaning of these different and gorgeous letters.

The worst case scenario is fairly frequently seen in this case and it goes like this: people reach a tattoo shop and see a beautiful image with nice edges and intricate lettering. After having it permanently imprinted on their bodies, they carry on with their lives happy with the new, or even first, tattoo until, one day they meet someone who knows exactly what it means. This usually leads to large moments of embarrassment and awkward conversations, not to mention that those persons can portrait a totally different image than what they are in real life and they might even become the topic of bad jokes and malicious gossip. In order to make sure you don’t get a random word, like “sheep” or “stupid”, tattooed on your body for a long time, always do an extensive research prior to deciding on the pattern and ask for the advice of specialists and online social communities, in order to get at many opinions as possible.