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The significance of butterfly and flower tattoos

The significance of butterfly and flower tattoos

Butterfly and flower tattoos are some of the most popular choices between women that decide to get a tattoo. This is a good choice especially for those that want something colorful and vivacious. Of course a butterfly tattoo can look amazing in black and white too. The choice remains in the hands of the person that wants it and the models to choose from are practically endless.

Women and girls that choose to have a flower tattooed on their bodies are generally looking for something more feminine that will make them look more beautiful and even give them a sexy look. Butterfly and flower tattoos are a good choice for someone that hasn’t gotten a tattoo before and wants something simple and elegant to start with. Butterflies have always been a part of the culture of almost any country and even if you are not someone that knows a lot about these insects, they are always inspiring and beautiful to look at when we encounter them. These types of tattoos can be placed practically on any part of the body. Some women may prefer to have the back of their necks tattooed while others may want to place it on their abdomen or upper back. Regardless of the place where the flower and butterfly design is placed, the effect is bound to be incredible. The person who wears this kind of tattoo will gain the self confidence to do anything she wants.

In some cultures butterflies are a symbol of rebirth and human soul. This is why many women choose to have butterfly and flower tattoos at special occasions in their lives. In Chinese culture two butterflies together are a symbol of union and love while in Japan the butterfly is the symbol of innocence. Flowers also have great significances as there is a flower for every human emotion. To this extent flower tattoo designs can express emotion, love, passion or innocence and all the powerful feelings that we have every day. Many best friends choose to have tattooed a yellow rose as a symbol of their eternal friendship. This is why butterfly and flower tattoos hold such a high place among the tattoo design choices that women make. They are graceful and sexy at the same time.

To conclude, the popularity of butterfly and flower tattoos among women is understandable. They are great in color as well as in black and white and can have a large variety of meanings for those that want to tap into their romantic side. There are many butterfly designs that you can choose from or you can share the idea that you have with your tattoo artist and have him or her create something unique for you. The possibilities are practically endless so make sure you take your time before deciding what you want to have. Keep in mind that the placement on the body is also important because the tattoo can be hidden easier if it is for instance on your back than if it is on your arm.