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The significance of dragon tattoos

The significance of dragon tattoos

Dragons have been a part of the culture of many countries and even continents for centuries. The legends that are told about these creatures depict them as fierce, strong and unbelievably beautiful. This is why dragon tattoos are so popular among both men and women. Of course it does take a little decision making before deciding to get a dragon tattooed on your body as it is quite large, but the significance behind it is amazing.

Dragon tattoos give a fierce and sensual air to the ones that wear them on their skin. The mysterious creatures are a symbol of purity, courage and hope. In ancient times the dragon was considered to be either a protector or a great threat. So people that get dragon tattoos often look for that same symbolic protection. Even the vikings used to carve dragons on their ships to allow them to have good sight and be successful warriors. A dragon tattoo design on a woman’s body is a symbol of grace, flowing and of her role as a creator. Her body becomes a representative of life. Dragon tattoos on men symbolize great power and courage. Like a dragon, the man who wears this kind of tattoo is depicted as a guardian of all the things that are important and show that he is ready to fight and be a protector. A dragon tattoo design also represents a journey that his bearer has completed or is about to take.

The most popular dragon designs are the Asian and the European ones. Even among Asian dragons there are differences especially in the number of claws in their feet. Chinese dragons have five claws, Japanese ones have four and the Vietnamese just three. Of course the stories behind the dragon of every country are different, but they all picture them as wise and powerful creatures. The European culture illustrates dragons as evil creature ready to destroy everything in their way if they didn’t receive maidens. But dragons are an important part of the Indian and Greek culture as well. It is therefore understandable why so many people choose to have dragons tattooed on their bodies.

Dragon tattoos can look very sexy on the body of a beautiful woman or a well defined man. Tattoo artists have always loved to make this type of tattoo because it allows them to be creative in their work and obtain great results in the process. There is a wide range of colors that can be used in dragon tattoo designs. From red to yellow, green and blue, everything is combined to obtain a beautiful and unique model that will leave everyone amazed. Of course, a black and white dragon looks just as good for those that aren’t big fans of having colors on their bodies. The reasons why people choose to get these tattoos are various. Either its because of the culture, the vast symbolism or just that fact that it is a beautiful and wild creature, those that wear them will gain a mysterious and fierce air.