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The simplest way is the best way!

The simplest way is the best way!

There are many factors that need considering when making the decision of getting a tattoo. What kind of tattoo should it be? What designs should you choose? Do you want a small tattoo or a big design? Where to get it? Should it be black or coloured? Sometimes, the experience of searching for the right tattoo can be dazzling and the more catalogs and pictures you see, the more confused and undecided you get. Well, sometimes the simplest way is the best way, especially if you are young girl or a woman! Women make this decision quite fast, because the majority need a designs that is feminine and that highlights their personality. This is why butterflies for example are very common among women. The shape of the butterfly perfectly fits the mirror-image undulations of a woman’s body. Furthermore, the butterfly can captivate both the tender, delicate side of a woman, as well as her free spirit, passion for change and wildness of character.

There are countless variations on the designs of such a tattoo, but going on the same principle of effective simplicity, the little butterfly tattoo stands remarkable. There is something about the splendour of the tiny butterfly that makes it incredibly appealing even for adult women. Little butterfly tattoos give you a lot of freedom in terms of choosing the body part you want to have it inked on, as they don’t require so much space and, in addition, they can be easily covered if the situation asks for it, which is a huge advantage for women. However, the first aspect taken into account is the symbolism of the design. When people are searching tattoos for girls butterfly comes first in mind because it reflects the cycle of life, which is particular to every person, so it has personality by this aspect only. The short life of the butterfly is also of great importance, as women may choose little butterfly tattoos to send a message, that life is short and you need to enjoy it to the fullest!

One other major reason for turning to a little butterfly tattoo is the power it has to represent progression on a personal side, or change. Women often have the tendency of expressing strength through their choice of ink, or success over a hard period in their lives, and there is nothing more appropriate than a butterfly to do that, as the winged creature is known for having the ability to bounce back in any circumstance. There is an exciting contradiction in terms when you thing of the size of a butterfly and the thousands of kilometers that it is able to fly, much alike the contradictory side of women.

Apart from the choice of design, there are a couple of other aspects to take into account, such as whether you would like to have some adjoining elements to compliment your little butterfly tattoo or whether the tattoo should be black or not. The colouring of a butterfly can be quite impressive, but there is also something mysterious about a black butterfly.