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The Symbolic Background of Butterfly Tattoos

The Symbolic Background of Butterfly Tattoos

Although at first thought, you may be tempted to exclude insects from the category of popular tattoo design choices, graphic representations of such delicate creatures are actually very commonly encountered, especially among women. The butterfly is highly predominant in modern tattoo art, and is known to have revolutionized tattooing trends a couple a decades ago.

There is something very enticing about the aspect, color and movement of the butterfly, which along with the interesting symbolism of this fragile winged insect, manages to draw the weaker sex into the idea of having a butterfly tattoo done.

Butterfly tattoos encompass a broad range of symbolic meanings. While some of these meanings are more simplistic, directly related to the observable features of the butterfly (beauty, fragility, purity, restlessness), other interpretations are more profound, and root back from ancient times. In Japanese culture, for instance, the depiction of a single butterfly is seen as a symbol for young womanhood, while a pair of butterflies are representative of marital bliss and completeness.

In Aztec culture, the butterfly represents the spirits of warriors fallen in battle, as well as the spirits of women who died in childbirth. In Christian culture, the butterfly is perceived as a symbol for soul liberation and separation from the mortal, transient, earthly shell. Russian culture associates the butterfly with images of motherhood and the general feminine condition.

Butterfly tattoo designs are usually adopted to express the idea of evolution on a personal level, significant changes in one’s life, freedom or escape, as well as regeneration and rebirth. In fact, many people choose butterfly tattoos to embrace the ephemeral nature of life, as well as the process of metamorphosis from a crawling caterpillar to a beautiful, bright colored and fascinating winged creature.

If you are considering the idea of getting a tattoo, butterfly tattoo designs are a great place to start. Unlike other tattoos that may lose their significance over time, butterfly tattoos are packed with profound meanings, are visually appealing and can be easily expanded into more elaborate designs in the future. As with all other designs, take the time to choose the tattoo that is right for you and try to make it as original and personal as possible. With a little originality, patience and skill, butterfly tattoo designs can be transformed into impressive works of art, rivaling with nature’s own creation in terms of expressivity and beauty.