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The Symbolism behind Popular Angel Tattoo Designs

The Symbolism behind Popular Angel Tattoo Designs

Although the motivation behind having a tattoo done has changed dramatically over the course of history, having now reached the point where tattoo designs are sometimes simply regarded as fashionable accessories, the symbolic power of this form of art has not died, and is instead perpetuated through each individual design, be it old or new.

In fact, many people today still prefer tattoos with a deep, meaningful message that also carries a strong emotional significance. Judging from this point of view, there is no surprise that religious – oriented tattoos symbolizing angels or other religious figure representations, as well as cross tattoos are some of the most popular design choices of today.

Angels appear in many of the world’s religions, where they are considered the expressions of both good and evil spirits, but are more commonly interpreted as representations of spirituality, glory, dignity, glory, honor, innocence, purity, peace, tranquility and love. While some angel tattoos illustrate these spirit epitomes as kind, loving and peaceful heavenly figures, others tattoos place the accent on the divine strength invested in them, illustrating angels while battling demons or fulfilling their duties as guardians.

Interestingly, angel tattoo designs and variations of these are equally popular among both sexes, although men generally tend to opt for angel representations belonging to the opposite sex, while women prefer depictions of powerful and more protective angel figures. Popular ways of illustrating angels include combining the usual representations with halos, crosses (cross angel tattoos are used to suggest the idea of sacrifice), swords, harps, trumpets, bows (especially when depicting cupids), clouds, devils (to emphasize the antagonism between good and evil) and so on.

The list of common angel tattoo variations also encompasses angel wing tattoos, archangel tattoos, fallen angel tattoos, as well as Angel of Death Tattoos. Not to be confused with regular angels, cherubs are baby-like representations symbolizing peace and love. The cupid for instance – the most suggestive depiction of a cherub – acts to unite people by spreading love through his bow and arrows. Darker representations include fallen angels (cast away from heaven as the consequence of their disobedience) and the Angel of Death (commonly depicted as the Grim Reaper – the foreteller and bringer of death – or Satan – the personification of evil).

Although there are myriad ready-made angel tattoos to choose from, increasing numbers of tattoo enthusiasts nowadays opt for original, personalized, tasteful and artistic designs tailored to address their expectations and needs. In such cases, the only limitations are dictated by the tattoo artist’s imagination and skill of execution.