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Today’s Perception on Lower Back Tattoos

Today’s Perception on Lower Back Tattoos

If you choose the right designs, lower back tattoos are undoubtedly very sensual and chic, which easily explains their huge popularity among the beautiful gender. However, the hype revolving around these types of tattoo designs registered in the last two decades has denatured their overall public image, and consequently, the perception of women and girls who get these lower back tattoos.

The main contributors to the bad reputation given to lower back tattoo designs are over saturation, lack of originality and loss of significance. Nowadays the weaker sex perceives lower back tattoos as trendy accessories, not paying too much attention to their true meaning and ignoring the possibility of at least personalizing them accordingly. So if you want to get one really badly, be patient and pick out the right design, size, colors and positioning for your lower back tattoo to avoid being called names and becoming part of an undesirable stereotype.

The following is a selection of advantages and disadvantages of lower back tattoos:

Advantages of lower back tattoos:
– Back tattoos, as well as lower back tattoos, have the plus of being easily concealable whenever necessary. The back and lower back regions of the body are usually covered by clothing, so having a tattoo in these body regions helps in not drawing too much attention onto yourself, when you are not planning to.
– At the same time, the cool thing about lower back tattoos in general is that they can be easily shown off by wearing shorter shirts that allow the waistline to be exposed. In fact, nowadays these forms of tattoos go hand in hand with those trendy low cut jeans and short tops.
– The back and lower back body regions allow a lot of room for tattooing, which means even slender and petite girls can easily get larger sized tattoo designs. Another plus consists in the relatively flat profile of the back and lower back skin, which prevents tattoo designs from distorting. Furthermore, the aspect, shape and colors of lower back tattoos are virtually not affected by age or changes in weight.
– There’s something special about lower back tattoos. These designs are very attractive, voluptuous, sexy, especially because they spread out a distinctive aura of mystery for the one who bears it. As women and girls with lower back tattoos expose more skin, these designs are sometimes perceived as taboo.
As for the disadvantages of having a lower back tattoo, here are some examples:
-Many designs have become too common, to the point that they are generally interpreted as being kitsch. To avoid this, try to personalize your design as much as possible and experiment with the position, size, technique and colors for your lower back tattoo.
-Some people associate these types of designs with sleaziness and immorality.
-If you are considering getting a lower back or upper back tattoo, don’t neglect the pain factor. Along with tattoos done on the neck, ankles and other sensitive places on the body, back tattoos can be quite painful.
-Another drawback consists in not being able to see your tattoo without the help of a mirror. However, this may not bother you much, when the main purpose of the lower back tattoo is to steal the eyes and admiration of those around you.