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Tribal back tattoos: where the old meets the new

Tribal back tattoos: where the old meets the new

Take a closer look at the word “tribal”: there’s no further need to emphasize how old this technique is and how far back these patterns go. Tribal back tattoos are today what they have always been: a striking statement about a certain person. The fascination with tribal tattoos on the back is not something new. Originally used by tribes all over the world, they have been used as adornments but they were also full of meaning (and still are). Even in present days they are being used to mark the coming of age of a boy or a girl; they are used by tribesmen as trials of strength. A boy only becomes a man after he has endured the trial of such a tribal tattoo and unless he endures without complaint, he is considered a coward. Women are tested this way too: a woman is only considered able to withstand the labor of child birth if she can endure the pain of inking the tattoo.

Fortunately, modern society only celebrates the success without blaming those who fail or use other means to alleviate the pain involved in the process. Furthermore, the fascination for this kind of art has encouraged a great deal of advancements in the technology involved. All things considered, a tribal tattoo on your back will definitely send out a message. Depending on the actual pattern or colors involved the message can be quite different; and there are also many elements that can go along with such a tattoo. Many celebrities have chosen such tribal tattoos and names like Angelina Jolie or Mike Tyson (to name only a few) kind of prove the point of how impressive they are without the need for further debate.

Tribal back tattoos come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. They tend to be symmetrical and mostly consist in beautifully drawn curves and entwining swirls, which suddenly end or blend into sharp corners. In other words, they are the perfect mix between power (the straight lines can also symbolize honor or character) and soul (the softness of curves and spirals – as a means to express complexity). So as a whole, what the image should represent would be a meaningful image of your personality. This is also the reason why these tribal tattoos look just as good on a man or a woman.

If you’re thinking of making a tattoo but you haven’t yet decided which kind, consider a tribal tattoo on your back. There are many talented artists out there who could draw something really special just for you. My advice is to first try a search on the topic; something specific, like: “tribal tattoos on back” or “tribal tattoos for back”. These searches will provide you with a starting point and hopefully with more than a few ideas. Then it’s up to you. Since tribal back tattoos are rather easy to draw, try to get one that is custom made; something unique that only you will have. Unless, of course, you find something so special that you really want that exact thing on your skin.