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Unbelievably realistic 3D tattoos

Unbelievably realistic 3D tattoos

If you are a huge fan of tattoos and also enjoy the thrill of an amazing optical illusion, then there is a new form of tattoo artwork that will suit you perfectly. With roots in photography and film making, 3D art is so extended nowadays that its uses and applications are virtually endless. When it comes to transitioning 3D imagery into the world of tattooing, the effects are absolutely startling and will definitely leave you breathless.

3D tattoos are a true display of creativity, an inspiring piece of graphic art, designed by the most skilled tattoo artists and meant to put two different types of imagery together, the classical black and white or colored tattoos and the three dimensional pictures used as an inspiration for the creator. Oftentimes, the artist drawing the designs or personalizing the client’s inspiration is specialized in this particular form of tattooing in order to fully capture the intensity and strong visual impact of a realistic 3D tattoo. There is no denying that these types of tattoos are wonderful on anyone, regardless of their position on the body or size of the work. However, it is advisable to resort to wide or extensive areas, such as the back, chest, arms or legs, in order for the effect to be a maximum one. Some tricks and techniques are used in order to adapt and optimize 3D tattoos for smaller or less flat areas of the body, like fingers and ankles. Basically, any place you choose can be your blank canvas for this impressive and eye-catching form of body transformation. As for the patterns or imagery chosen, there are few restrictions because a truly professional and experienced artist can use almost any picture as the starting point. However, geometrical patterns, like brick structures and Celtic imagery, and circular shapes or objects are the most commonly used forms of three dimensional body tattooing.

Awesome 3D tattoos are guaranteed to make your jaw drop to the floor with amazement. There are simply so realistic looking that they will leave everyone looking at them totally stunned. Oftentimes, the most frequent reaction received by users of three dimensional tattoos is “Can I touch it?” In order to capture that vivid and somewhat alive looking feel of a tattoo on the skin of a client, an immense amount of creativity and expertise is needed on behalf of the artist, so do not rush and choose carefully who you resort to when such an intricate and complex piece is wanted. In order to conclude, there is no doubt in our minds that if you want to get a new tattoo, or even your first one, then a surrealistic looking 3D tattoo is exactly what you should choose! Take a look at our entire gallery of pictures and decide for yourself if you want the pain of a tattoo to result in absolute awesomeness. Regardless of how you feel about 3D tattoos, they are surely an impressive sight for anyone to see.

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