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Unique ankle bracelet tattoos

Unique ankle bracelet tattoos

Ankle bracelet tattoos are by far the most popular choice girls make when deciding on their first ever tattoo design. The reasons are quite simple: they are feminine and easy to hide. More than that, women are usually obsessed with jewelry and the idea of having a cute or delicate bracelet around their ankles is definitely going to spark their interest. Tattoo artists have endless possibilities when it comes to bracelet designs. From abstract to concrete, sexy to funny, colorful to solemn, any type of feeling or feature your heart may desire the bracelet to have can be imprinted on your skin.  Customers can also ask for custom designs, because ankle tattoos are easy to alter and modify in accordance with any requirement.

The best part about bracelet ankle tattoos is that people get the feeling that they are real accessories. Depending on the talent of the artist you entitle with the job of adorning your ankle, the tattoo can deceive the admirers and make them believe you purchased yet another piece of jewelry. When going to the beach, you can be sure your unique bracelet tattoo will become a true star, many men insisting that ankle bracelets are mysteriously sexy. Delicate as they are, ankles have an impressive power on men and a beautiful tattoo will definitely draw their attention.

Tattoo lovers like the fact that bracelet designs can be rather creative. For instance, after you choose the model of your chain you can add whatever item you may wish to it from cats to flowers and stars. People obsessed with butterflies can use them as inspiration and delicately arrange a pair of colorful butterflies to complete the chain. Intricate or subtle, small or large, bracelet tattoo designs are meant to bring charm to that part of the body where they are located. Ankle tattoos often surround the ankle in such a way that it can exude a sexy feeling. Women with large or thin ankles can get a tattoo which can either make their ankles seem suppler or thicker. Thus, the design girls choose can rid them of their complex and they no longer feel the need to cover up their beautiful feet.

Women also choose this place to indicate their religion. A small rosary surrounding your ankle is a more quiet statement of your beliefs. People who wish to keep that tattoo as a reminder for themselves and not for others choose to place the rosary in an area that is less likely to draw attention. Ankle bracelet tattoos are not obtrusive enough to gain the attention and stern looks of your boss or parents, for example, so even the shyest people can safely get one without the fear of being starred at in public. People have to have a strong confidence in themselves when visiting a tattoo shop. Sadly enough, discrimination and disapproving eyes are sure to follow tattoo lovers everywhere they go, so starting with an ankle tattoo can be a good choice for those who do not like the attention.