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Upper back tattoos: what is “your” statement”?

Upper back tattoos: what is “your” statement”?

Tattoos on the upper back have been around for millennia. They have been symbols of status, sexuality or belief. They have marked happy moments or haunting experiences. In more recent times they are maybe some of our most powerful means of adornment for our bodies. Once imprinted, they become a part of our person; a part of how a certain individual is (or wants to be) perceived by the others. Worn by convicts and kings alike, these markings have proven our lasting fascination for what they express. This is why some of the most common tattoos of all are the upper back tattoos.

Tattoos on the upper back present you with a big number of advantages. The area is great. It is not as painful as other areas (like the ones around the face, for example) and there’s ample space to permit even the most complex of designs. Almost anyone who has more than one tattoo has used the upper back area. Also, do not forget that upper back tattoos can easily be continued to the neck area, to the lower back or to the shoulders. They are usually the center piece in a much larger design. Even if you do not have the possibilities or the desire to use all these areas, take your time and analyze the possibilities. Later on, you may be glad that you did.

Consider this too: your back is split in two identical areas, both sides of the spine. So getting a symmetrical design on both shoulder blades can be a great idea. Another advantage for the tattoos on the upper back is the fact that they can be easily concealed. As far as the possibilities are concerned, tattoos for the upper back area can be totally customized and personalized. Either a pair of wings or an exquisite tribal design; either the picture of a personality, a family member or an impressive quote; either a darker image to underline that Goth side of yours or a very colorful and imaginative drawing – the choice is entirely up to you. Start your search on the internet (Google is your friend, remember?) or just visit some tattoo parlors and get some first hand impressions. These are usually best as you also have the chance to inquire about prices, study the portfolio and get into all sorts of other details. Make sure they can fulfill your expectations.

When it comes to any sort of tattoo, the only thing that should influence your decision should be your own personality. You will be the one who will (probably) wear that mark for the rest of your life – or until you erase it; but take into account the fact that it costs a lot more to remove a tattoo than to imprint it. And also take into account the fact that some colors are very hard to remove. So if you’re not completely sure you want to keep that tattoo on your upper back for the rest of your life, make it black or better yet – try henna, as it will give you a chance to see just how you feel about it.