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What You Should Know about Ankle Tattoos

What You Should Know about Ankle Tattoos

Along with lower back tattoos, ankle tattoo designs are nowadays very popular among the ladies. The main reason for this lies in the femininity, intrinsic beauty and seductiveness characteristic to this category of tattoos. While some girls may avoid lower back tattoos for being too eccentric for them, fearing they will become part of an undesirable stereotype, this generally isn’t the case for ankle tattoos. Although a tattoo on a girl’s ankle can be very sexy and flirty, the risk of it crossing the line and becoming sleazy or ridiculously flashy is usually low with these designs.

Ankle tattoos for girls have the merit of complimenting the contours of the legs, and can be killers when combined with the right pair of high heel shoes. Designs done in the ankle region of the body are very versatile for girls, which means they can be easily used to suggest different things by means of outfit or accessories. For instance, an elegant costume and a classy pair of shoes will give your ankle tattoo an aura of mystery, delicacy and tastefulness. By contrast, a more unconventional, bold outfit choice will make your tattoo radiate with power and sexiness, helping you bring out the wild, adventurous side of your personality.

However, girls generally tend to opt for discreteness when it comes to choosing their own ankle tattoo design. The “less is more” concept definitely applies here, as you don’t need a visually striking, ostentatious ankle tattoo design to make sure it will be noticed. Regardless of what your intentions may be, know that even the smallest and simplest ankle tattoo can have an impact in the eyes of strangers, so think about this when choosing your design. Furthermore, if you go for discreteness, you will find it easier to conceal your ankle tattoo with clothing when you may be required to do so.

Other pluses of getting a smaller sized ankle tattoo are the reduced cost and pain you have to endure. Designs inked in the region of the ankles can be quite a painful experience, because of the skin being closer to the bone and the existence of more nerve endings in this area. However, a smaller ankle tattoo shouldn’t be much of a problem pain wise, so why not go for one of these?

Like with any other tattoo, it is important not to rush in when it comes to choosing the right ankle tattoo design for you. The design you choose will become a part of you for life, so make sure you get the one that represents you!