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Women and angels in the art of tattoos

Women and angels in the art of tattoos

The reasons for or against having a tattoo done have long been discussed. So have the different types of tattoos and their symbolism. And often recurrence was the angel tattoo, the notorious choice among both men and women. For the latter category, the most common justification has been discovering the angelic part of themselves. Girls grow up with stories of angels and the serenity they bring to our life. And though they stray from the tale as they mature and enter the cold world, a flicker of that hope remains lump in their hearts. So an angel tattoo for women is not just a tattoo, it is a reminiscence of the child within. Angel tats are seen on both men and women, but they are more sough-after by girls.

angel tattoo for girls

Of course, not every angel tattoo for girls is designed from and for profound spirituality. Many of them simply like the tastefulness and beauty of the design. Others may consider it as pure and there are women who are fundamentally religious. But there is another reason, a more dramatic one, which is also encountered quite often. That is the angel representing a loved or close person who has left this world and is now in the hands of the angels. Regardless of the motivation, designing an angel tattoo for women is a meticulous job, as they usually go for many details, such as butterfly wings, angel clothes and the presence of an environment, being that abstract or not.

The design and style spectrum is unlimited. Therefore, although common in concept, you probably won’t find two angel tattoos alike. They can embody the image of a guardian angel, with spread wings in a protective spirit, or archangels, holding a sword or having a body armor. This kind of angel tattoo for girls is seen as a search for faith and relationship with the Deity, as the archangels are the closest to God. Cherubs and fallen angels are also frequent among women. Mothers tend to opt for tattoos with cherubs, as they have the body of a baby and they often depict the faces of their children. At the opposite end, fallen angels are preferred by bikers, prisoners or Goths. This type of tattoo stands for the epic battle between good and evil, between right and wrong. It may surprise you, but there are many women who choose to give free reign to the dark side of their personality and get inked with an angel with a bloody sword or with broken wings.

angel tattoo for woman

The wings tattoo is a somewhat rare angel tattoo for women. Obviously, it’s a drawing of only the wings of an angel, with no body or other additions. It’s mostly inked on the back, as if the wings belonged to the woman. The size may vary from small, symbolic wings in the upper side of the shoulders, to bold, huge wings covering the entire back of the girl. This is quite an courageous approach. They require a lot of care and imply a great level of pain, especially if it goes across the spine. More often than not the wings are black, but some women decide to give them color. Either way it’s the sort of tattoo people can’t overlook or even obliterate.

There is one particular representation of an angel tattoo for girls that deserves differentiation. And that is the antagonist approach. You have probably seen women with tattoos of two angels facing each other, one with a halo and one without. It goes to the statement of that woman’s duplicity, her bipolar personality, her inner struggle between doing good and doing harm.